Visit Dr Wolf and his Wunderkammer in the charming historical town of Hann. Münden. Situated in the core of the Grimm Brothers' region in the heart of Germany.


This unique place combines science with pop culture, mythology and history of all kinds to a mixture of museum and a walk-in work of art.


But be aware: Our unusual, charming and unique exhibition concept appeals on the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of our visitors! There is definately a lot to discover in the Doctor's cabinet...

photo (c) Daniel Zielske
photo (c) Daniel Zielske

Our visitors are guided by Dr Wolf himself.

He will lead you through his cabinet by representing  many different kinds of curious, forgotten and artistic objects from all over the world.

He will tell interesting and surprising stories from ancient and modern times. Entertaining, almost unbelievable, but true!


And you are always encouraged to join in! We like to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. So don't hesitate to tell your own stories!

Sensitivity is to us an essential part of the Wunderkammer Experience, so you are welcome to touch and play with some of our exhibits (of course under supervision)!


Book a guided tour now with your preferred date and discover the world anew!

photo (c) Hannah Gritsch
photo (c) Hannah Gritsch

Small but wonderfull: On the 1st floor you will in the "Cabinet of Creatures" meet fantastic beings you've maybe heard about in Fairy Tales or Fantasy Stories.  There are Baselisks, Unicorns, Wyverns and more fantastic creatures - brought back to life from the "Forgotten Creatures" myth studio.


Rediscover a variety of myths and fables about nature and domestic spirits.